BlockM is the SuperApp of Social Impact. BlockM was founded on the premise of providing self-enabling, self-sustaining financial and gender inclusion tools in line with the UN Sustainable Developing Goals (UN SDGs) for emerging markets in Medtech, Edtech, Cleantech, Fintech, Worktech (financial and gender inclusion) Agritech & others. BlockM focuses on UN SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 17 using certain loyalty acquisition mechanisms to bring users into the BlockM community. BlockM offers users to earn Stablecoin crypto, airtime, Banking, Education, Microloans, Healthcare, Small Business and Farmer tools and Transportation tools all in one “Impact SuperApp” while leveraging the Blockchain, Big Data and A.I.


Our Answer:

The world first Social Impact SuperApp

The Problems with the New Mobile Loyalty Market


Through our revolutionary Social Impact micro-services Platform, we provide essential everyday tools to people in need to help eradicate poverty.

All available & managed with stablecoins in one BlockM SuperApp
Our goal is to become the leader in the $24bn/mth emerging markets, with a 4bn+ mobile user base, a base profit per user of $2.22 per month, a CAC of $2.57 & a LTV of $81.12.

How it Works

BlockM integrated and subsidized approach to mobile advertising is a unique model that will revolutionize advertising and the use of consumer data forever

Consumers opt-in to receive mobile ads, coupons & surveys

Consumers provide demographic, lifestyle, & brand usage information

Consumers are incentivized to receive and engage with ads, redeem coupons and respond to research surveys

Database of consumer demographic & lifestyle information is mined for advanced segmentation

Consumers receive highly targeted advertisements, coupons & surveys

Consumers are rewarded with free cryptocurrency, mobile airtime/data bundles and other loyalty credit for engaging with ad campaigns and other content

Marketers benefit from unique, highly targeted & measureable engagements and in depth campaign analysis

Product Roadmap

For STO Q1 2020
Post STO: Q2 2020
Q3 2020
Q4 2020
Q1 2020
Q2 2020
Q2 2020

Revenue Model

Our financial goal is to become the leader in a $24bn/month market, a base profit per user of $2.22 per month, with a CAC of $2.57 and a gross LTV of $81.12

Block Subsidized™ - Revenue Stream A Our flagship product BlockM Rewards™ Android/KaiOS/Telegram app includes: Pre funding: Android App ​

Post funding: Android/KaiOS/Telegram app

BlockM Predictive Blockchain™ SaaS Revenue Stream B

Our SaaS B2B Enterprise service for Advertisers, Advertising and retailers & Service Providers (ISP, DTV, Operator) with access to our unmatched end-to-end, closed-loop Blockchain verified, ad-fraud protected, Predictive Blockchain Data Cloud Ad platform.

BlockM CPx™ - Revenue Stream C

Our B2B Advertising and Coupon offer product suite. Our cloud solution segments ads from mobile programmatic buying ad networks and exchanges to our user base using our own Real-Time Bidding (RTB) engine and based upon psychographic data that we continuously collect from users in our MLAs. All Ads are fraud protected, Audiences are verified based on our Blockchain and every Ad Campaign has a Smart Contract for full transparency. This is the future of advertising, available now.

Team members

A. Pierre Yurow

Co-Founder, CPO

Seasoned product leader and entrepreneur. Founded companies in Social Impact, Fintech Mobile, Blockchain & AI.

Ayshan Abbasova

Chief Operations Officer

Timo Settels

Josh Sroge


Professor Mohammed Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Founder, Grameen Bank, Grameenphone

Siyabulela Mandela

Ph.D. South Africa

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar

Founder, Est-Capital, Blockchain Banking for the Unbanked

Andrew Bartley

Former Chief Investment Officer, IFC World Bank

Nick Jones

CEO, Zumo

Randy Mitchell

US DoC, Director of International Private Equity

TJ Person

CEO, Co-Founder, Koupon Media

Peter Nussbaumer

Founder, CEO I-new Unified Solutions, AG, Advisor: Telemesh

Jonathan Treiber

Co-Founder & CEO Revtrax (Retail), Advisor: BigMudi

Token Distribution

Tokens Issued

Total Value (USD)

Financial Allocation

In 18 months EBITDA will reach $0.4mm monthly, with target of $23.1mm in profits in Year 3, addressing 4bn+ mobile phone subscribers, with a net monthly profit per user of $2.22. 


Bottom line: Block Integrates faster, cheaper, deeper, with more scale and VAS products.
Mobile adtech competition Block M
Ad Supply Limited : negotiate with local brands
Costly: brick and mortar model means higher CAPEX and OPEX (staff)
Plentiful: through ad exchanges and locally
Cheap: integrate through proprietary tech platform
Integration with MSO/ISP/MNO/MVNO Partial: multiple vendors or limited by distribution channels
Costly and slow: country by country corporate then tech integration
Exclusive and End-to-End: Proprietary Tech platform with proven integration speed Inexpensive and Fast: sales within 4 mths /MVNO/Country + 1 mth to get profits
Distribution Scale Limited: only for 3G networks and/or limited by ad supply and customer ramp-up High: service enabled from 2G to 4G, worldwide, with a 4 month max new country integration ramp-up time
Engagement Efficiency Low: static banners only, only CPM or CPC Ads, specific consumer data cannot be tracked or verified, CPA is extremely cumbersome High: CPE of 99% for every ad, CPE/CPQ provides interactive responses and insights, CPA up to 50% on advertiser promotions
Activation Effectiveness Non-existent: no coupon or POP integration solution Fully Integrated: CPR enables Advertisers to track their promotions down to the Point-of-Purchase at a 25% conversion.
Market Insights & VAS Products Non-existent or very limited: no insights, or limited by consumer ramp up, Unmatched: Provides Brands highest level of insights on buyer behavior & demographics on every consumer

South Africa Alpha Test Results

Block has already testing and proven its key driving assumptions: user interest, ad frequency, and revenue generation in a High volume, high mobile CPC Ad rate, BRICS market.

Company Timeline

2019 March
2019 September
2019 December
2019 December
2019 November
2019 December
2020 January
2020 February
2020 March


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